At a glance

  • Professional liquidity management with daily liquidity calculation

  • Fast and documented decisions based on reliable data

  • Simplification of complex financial topics through modularization and wizards

  • Perfect perspective over finances through flexible modeling of company structures

Our web based BI-solution, BusinessGuard, enables all companies from all sectors to have a consistent and detailed business planning, as well as an efficient finance controlling. BusinessGuard is ready-to-use within days, not months, and offers extensive functionalities for attractive prices.

The central focus is on the daily liquidity accounting and on meaningful budgeting. The  data presented in detailed and easy to understand reports, as well as the analysis  in combination with our wizard based planning creates high data consistency and transparency. With what BusinessGuard provides, you can easily evaluate your entrepreneurial chances and risks.


With our browser based BI-solution, BusinessGuard, you can easily create reliable and transparent plans. Contrary to other solutions, we’re not just perpetuating the past, but rather plan in detail using the means of known business transactions.

Due to our modular and wizard based planning process, this doesn’t require fiscal expert knowledge. Complex financial topics are simplified through our user-friendly approach. There are many planning modules to work with, each dedicated to specific transaction types, making everything clear and easy to work with. Not only that you can use BusinessGuard to create exhaustive plans for your company, but, with our Day-by-Day view, you can review all your spending and revenues on a daily basis. This makes everything transparent and easily reviewable.

All the currently available planning modules are the following: General Revenue, Product Sales, Order Calculation, Workforce, Costs, Investment, Loan, Activation, Utilization Process, HR Planning, Open Postings, Assets Depreciation, Account Group Planning, and Dimension Planning. Depending on the BusinessGuard subscription that you select for your business, some of the planning modules might be not available for you. However, when you select the plan that is right for you, we make sure you have everything you need for your business.

Analysis & Reporting

BusinessGuard has by design a wide set of reporting and analysis capabilities, the focus being always on supporting the decision making process of the busiest business owners and managers. With our solution, we ensure accuracy and consistency of reports. Use them with confidence when you meet with your bank, shareholders and investors.

With the provided mechanism to close booking periods, it is very easy for you to mix fact and plan in the same report, in order to see what happened so far, as well as what can happen from now on. Moreover, our reports can be easily exported to Excel or shared directly with the interested parties via email.

All the currently available reports are the following: 3-Year Forecast, Legal Consolidation Report, Sales Forecast, Balance Report, Cost Center/ Project Report, BS Cost Center/Project Report, Management Cockpit, Plan/Fact Deviation, Project Deviation, BS Project Deviation, Functional Costs
Cash Flow Overview, Cash Flow Details, Daily Cash Flow, Weekly Cash Flow, Cockpit Chart, KPI, Top Items, Activity Chart, Manpower, Personnel cost/hour, and Consolidated Report. Through the report designer provided by BusinessGuard, you can create your own custom reports.
Depending on the BusinessGuard subscription that you select for your business, some of the reports might be not available for you. However, when you select the plan that is right for you, we make sure you have everything you need for your business.

Data Integration

With our versatile data interfaces,  you save time in your business planning as well as in your finance controlling. There are few mechanisms that allow you to easily import your business specific data to BusinessGuard:

  • Excel interface as standard
  • A wide set of ERP interfaces
  • SCD-Assistant for a fast adaption of your business structures

BusinessGuard Pro and Pro Plus provide ERP interfaces. In contrast to other BI-solutions, we load the standard files from ERP systems, so you don’t need to use expensive ERP connectors. Moreover, BusinessGuard Pro and Pro Plus import the open postings, the balance sheet, and the profit and loss statement, with details about business unit, cost centers and projects. If your company uses an ERP system that is not supported by us yet, we provide the required custom implementation, on request, in a budget-friendly manner.

Predictive Analysis

Timely identification of risks is important for all businesses. BusinessGuard provides you an awesome overview for what can happen in the future through its detailed reports and charts. In addition to this, what-if scenarios can be easily created and evaluated, through the same spectacular reporting and analysis capabilities of BusinessGuard.

Using the simulation module of BusinessGuard, available only for Pro and Pro Plus, you can easily derive what-if scenarios from your existing plans, review reports, and share them with all the interested parties. This is a great instrument for creating optimistic, pessimistic and realistic scenarios simulating increase or decrease of planned sales, revenues, costs, HR related costs, investments, and a lot more.

Play with possibilities and take the best from the information that BusinessGuard offers you and mitigate the risks long before they show at the horizon.

System Requirements

BusinessGuard is provided either as SaaS – subscription based, or with classic software license.


In case you opt for SaaS, for working with BusinessGuard the users only need a browser. For the best user experience we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Classic License

On request, BusinessGuard is provided with a classic software license as well. For this, you need a server with the following prerequisites installed:

  • Java Runtime environment 6
  • Java Application Server, w.g. Apache Tomcat
  • The free version of the Microsoft SQL Servers (MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2008 R2)

Then BusinessGuard is accessed via browser, with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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